Our Strategy

Our team thoroughly analyzes information that we gather from our client’s current financial situation, and then applies that information to their future goals.  

The analysis considers things such as:

• In the event of death

• College funding

• Retirement years

• In the event of a disability

• Asset allocation strategy

• Estate distribution

 Although clients may not be interested in all of the above, it is important for our team to consider all aspects in order to put together a complete analysis.  Also, it is important for our clients to understand all areas of business that we can help with in case there is someone they know that we might be able to help.  For example, a client may not need to plan for college, but might know family members that could benefit from it. 

We believe an important component is what we call The Family Love Letter.  The Family Love Letter Program gives families a lasting and important gift -- all the vital information loved ones need to know in case of sudden incapacitation or death. It covers a range of crucial issues beyond wills which include:

• Someone to speak for you in legal, financial, and medical matters

• The guardian for your children (if needed) 

• Your wishes regarding medical treatment  

• Additional information that is often overlooked such as bank passwords, credit card information, etc.

• And much more.

When completed, the Family Love Letter provides a concise package of the client’s financial affairs, which is often a first for many people, which can provide much peace of mind.

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